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Our next event, Sell Books With Collabs runs from January 24-27, 2023.

This is for book sellers, both authors and publishers, to grow their reader base.

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Jess Kotzer, Event Producer

After hosting hundreds of mixers, Sell With Collabs was born to serve her list, become a great JV partner for you, and help each of us grow our businesses. Jess is an ecommerce manager for 7-figure brands with thousands of products and understands the importance of creating a friendly user experience, which is why our bonus bundles are stuctured differently than your typical group giveaway.

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Milos Levajac, Technical Host

Milos is an educator, digital marketer and now podcaster who has worked with and trained marketers for private career colleges and fortune 500 companies. His real passion is helping entrepreneurs build their own income streams through ecommerce, educational offers and publishing. He's also pretty great at technical support, so if you find yourself having a technical issue during an event, he's your first line of help.