Automate Collaborative Events to Create Unforgettable Experiences in Record Time

Without efficient event processes, you may struggle to meet partner and attendee needs. With automation, you can streamline and deliver a successful event experience, all while managing the event entirely on your own.


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Reclaim hundreds of hours of your life + throw the best event yet.

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How Much is Decision Fatigue Costing You?

Throwing a successful event is tiring. Without automating event processes... ⚈ You exhaust yourself writing personalized pitches to dream partners or cut corners with spammy ones ⚈ Minutiae, like uploading partner details—one at a time—bore you to tears ⚈ Data entry kills your creativity as you track which partners complete intake, contracts and affiliate registration ⚈ You realize you'll either have to dedicate hundreds of hours to building your event or hire maintenance workers to ⚈ You fall behind on partner communications, which demotivates them from following through on promises ⚈ Event hosting brings no joy or profit and ultimately distracts from activities that do Events should bond us together. By taking care of the small details and freeing up time and energy, event organizers can concentrate on building meaningful connections with attendees and partners. See how we can help you streamline your events so you can focus on creating memorable experiences for all involved.

Here Are 6 Ways You Can Automate 100s of Hours of Event Processes

Custom CRMs for Partners

Automate personalized communications for stronger relationships.

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Effortless Onboarding

From handshake agreement to launch, accelerate partner onboarding.

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Affiliate Tracking

Auto-link partners to their affiliate accounts. Auto-spotlight partners who promote most.

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Track ad costs and revenue. Link sales to partners. Convert currencies.

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Content Production

Autogenerate graphics from partner headshots and titles. Automate posting.

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Touchless Branded Websites

Ditch 3rd party platforms for beautiful websites that pull partner details right in.

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Automation Support From People Who Know Marketing

Automated collaborations help businesses grow without hiring additional staff. By partnering with other companies and using technology to streamline the process, businesses can efficiently reach new customers. Our team has experience in collaborative process automation as well as the marketing savvy to grow 7-figure brands, which has allowed us to...

Replace $200K in outsourced labor

with robots who work for pennies

Our awesome features
Grow 6-figure email lists

of engaged subscribers

Our awesome features
Cut ad spend by $450K

and increase revenue by 63% that same year

Our awesome features
Focus on conversions

not vanity metrics

Our awesome features
Build all-in-one business databases

fit for multimillion dollar operations

Our awesome features
Automate collaborations

in a way that fosters relationships

Our awesome features

Companies We've Worked With

Call for Southern Ontario-based businesses: We're building a bundle in partnership with Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse. Contact to learn more.

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